Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wow - I Sew??

Seems like FOREVER since I've touched my sewing machine for something other than: mending kids' clothes, sewing napkins and used as a flat surface for random stuff around my craft room.  But guess what?  I actually used it for a QUILTING project :)

When was the last quilt I worked on?  According to my dear blog here, it's been almost ONE MONTH.  Yes I know, it's appalling considering that quilting was the main reason why I started this blog in the first place a couple of years ago.  A million reasons later, I have not used my sewing machine or posted about quilting in almost a month. 

Hopefully this is the post to break that trend.  Here's my proof that quilts are being sewed in my sewing room :)

Proof #1 - The beginnings of a couple of Hour Glass quilts

Proof #2  - Binding!  Yep that means that some other quilts are almost completed :)

Hopefully this trend could continue and I'll have lots (a LOTS) of sewing and crafting posts to come...and not to mention COMPLETED quilts to share. 

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