Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm on Bloglovin

Sorry for such a random post.  Usually I don't post about techy stuff about the blog but I wanted to check out this [new to me] Bloglovin tool.  And to do so I have to put this little link in a new post.  Not sure how many you out there use this or plan on using it.  So far it seems pretty friendly to use.

So why bloglovin?  If you have been living under rock like I have [hehe], I JUST read that Google Reader is going away.  When and why I have no idea - my head has been in the clouds trying to plan a house/studio move (1.5 MORE WEEKS!!! EEK!)

Back to sewing and fun stuff!


Diane said...

Hi! I can be equally bad about tech stuff, but I thought you might want to check out some tips I put together for Bloglovin'. I started using it a while ago, and hopefully I can be of help to someone new!

Jean Poylini said...

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