Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Bit of Housekeeping

Now that I'm a little over 7 months pregnant, my sewing room is becoming smaller ;). Ok not really. I'm the one that's getting bigger and maneuvering in a small (jammed) space is becoming a bit difficult (to say the least!).  However I was able to get some housekeeping out of the way.  Like...

Organize and cut up fabrics for my uneven stripe quilt:

 It's going to be a collection of earthy tones with some blues.  Can't wait to get sewing on this.  And sorry for the poor picture gallery.  I was bit tired by this point ;)

Bundle up some more yummy bundles for the shop.

A little plug for my little fabric shop ... :)  I'm having a storewide sale to celebrate Autumn - 10% off everything with coupon code "fall2012"

7 more weeks of pregnancy left and sooo much more to do.  Still on my list: bundle up more fabrics, finish quilting 3 more quilts, binding for 2 quilts, sew a bunch of napkins, Halloween costume for the kids (Superman and Batman...take TWO), decide if we want to remodel or MOVE and oh-yes organize the nursery (aka byebye office space).  I'm sure there's about a dozen more things that my pregnant brain can't recall right now :).


N. Maria said...

OMG! You are going to have a baby! Congratulations, Q!
Your pictures are wonderful and I'm so excited for you!
I can just picture the baby's room filled with your eye for color.

needle and nest said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!! We must be about a week apart because I have eight weeks left as of yesterday. Sounds like you're getting a lot done!


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