Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Happy Cookie Mistake

A couple of days ago I was making my new favorite chocolate chip cookie.  This is the 3rd time making and and everything we had great success with this SUPER yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (Thank you Grace for sharing the recipe!).  However, something very strange happen this time.

Dough as made as usual - looks good - refrigerated and ready to go. 


Consistency was good. Formed into little golf balls and ready to bake. Smelled delicious as usual in the oven.

BUT obviously I've done something terribly wrong. The result: very flat cookies that browned super quickly in the oven. 


So why is this the HAPPY cookie mistake?  Because the cookies were DELICIOUS!  They were a chewy but crispy around edges.  And they were very buttery.

Glad I found another way to bake chocolate chip cookies but I was mystified why the cookies turned out like they did since my previous attempt turned out superb cookies of a different texture.  So I reread the recipe again...lame me I forgot to put in PLAIN FLOUR (ie: All Purpose).  As good as the mistake cookies were, I prefer the original recipe :).  Will be making a new batch after the move.

1 comment:

treadlemusic said...

Look wonderful to me!! You just have to quickly do away with them before anyone notices the "error"...LOL!


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