Friday, June 28, 2013

Enjoying Our New Garden

Love it!  New house, new garden.  The previous owner of our house was a very active garden and she had put in 3 large size vegetable planters years (and years and years) ago.  After some hard work I have a new-to-me veggie garden this year...and it's thriving. 

We have the usual suspects that we usually put into our vegetable garden, like - cucumbers (a couple of varieties) and zucchini:

I think so far we have over 40 cucumbers from our 3 plants and well over a dozen zucchinis from our 2 plants.

We have made many meals of pesto pastas out of these beautiful basil:

Next up - pesto chicken pizza :) - can't wait!  I'm sure the boys won't miss their usual marinara sauce for one meal.

And this is my favorite this year from the garden.  It's a type of kale and it is delicious.  Super easy to grow, doesn't need much food, heat tolerant and suppose to be super healthy for you...can't beat that huh?  I put it in my soups, stir fry and even made kale salads out of it.  

Other vegetation not pictured but also in the garden: green beans (pole), cilantro, jalapeno, tomatoes (still green) and green onion.  Here's to a great planting season!


Vel Criste said...

Good for you! This year is the only year I haven't been able to garden, so enjoy a bountiful season!

Almost Precious said...

That looks so good, so fresh and also very healthy.

I've never had any luck growing a veggie garden, seems the only ones that got anything out of it were the bugs.


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