Thursday, December 10, 2015

New GIANT Wreath - DIY

So, if you read this blog (or know me) you know I love wreaths.  So when our fireplace looked a little empty I shopped around for a new wreath - a GIANT new wreath.  Unfortunately the price tags ($$$++) was just too much.  No fear - imagination and glue gun to the rescue :)

Check out my new giant wreath - it's about 4 ft in diameter.

My secret item?  A giant HULA HOOP.

Here's a quick little picture peak of what I did.

I took an old hula hoop I found at a garage sale a little while ago (30 cents???).  Attached some metal clothes hangers to make sure there will be enough fullness to the wreath and a place for all the stuff to attach to.

Then I attached 2 ever-green (fake) garlands around the wreath.  Make sure to use floral wires to stabilize the garland before hot gluing it together.  I lay out the garland the way I want it look before using the glue gun.

Next DECORATE.  Add any type of flowers, ribbons, etc that you want.  I (again) stabilized it with wiring first then went nuts with the hot glue gun :)

Love the new wreath and I know we'll enjoy here for many many years to come.  And I saved a TON of money.  The whole project cost about $50 per wreath (I made 2 - one for my sister).

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Love this! Great idea to put together a wreath this way!


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