Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fabric Love #13 & Fabric Giveaway: For Mothers

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there.  I am a Mom to 2 great little boys - Asher (4) and Silas (2).  Today is one of those days where I am especially thankful for the little things (Mom's edition :P):
  • the little unexpected hugs and "I Love You"
  • raising kids - the ultimate from 'scratch' project ;)
  • finding their little toys hidden in all the drawers and even the freezer - brings a smile to my face everytime
  • their cute little toes, hands, smiles, burps, laughter, and even the whining is sometimes adorable too
  • a test of my patience.  Since being a Mom I have learned (learning) to be more patient - don't let the little things get to me.
  • treasure even the littlest of things
  • seeing the world in their eyes
  • a constant reminder of what life is really about
Happy Mothers Day :).

So on to this week's Fabric Love and Fabric Giveaway.  In the sentiment of Mother's day today I am featuring 2 great fabrics from Alexander Henry:

This fabric always reminds me of feminine beauty.  I always imagine that these ladies - probably wonderful moms - meditating, exchanging stories and taking time away from their busy lives for themselves. 

Chic, stylish, powerful woman :).  What every mom is!

Fabric Giveaway
In celebration of Mother's Day I am giving away 1 full yard of fabric - your choice of either the La Strada or Tea House or 1/2 yard of each.  Just be a follower and leave a quick comment of what you are thankful for on this Mother's day by Tuesday 9PM-PST. A random winner will be picked Tuesday night.

Thanks and have a great Mother's Day!



free indeed said...

I'm thankful for my mother's example that prepared me to be a mother. I'm thankful for a husband that has supported me and my position in the home. He is a great father to them as well.

Kim said...

I am thankful to be a christian...raised by a christian mother. I am thankful for my boys and their husband and his parents and their example. Happy Mother's Day!

Tanya said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

I'm thankful that I woke up to little kisses and hugs from my boys this morning. Well, most mornings. I'm a blessed woman.

Catskill Quilter said...

I am thankful for a phone call from my dear daughter, and two Happy Mother's Day messages on my Facebook page. I am already a follower of your blog!

Catskill Quilter said...

I am thankful for a phone call from my dear daughter, and two Happy Mother's Day messages on my Facebook page. I am already a follower of your blog!

Alina said...

Just let you know I am a follower now.

Alina said...

On Mother's Day, I am thankful that my mom is still here with us and my little girl is healthy. Plus, my husband is taking care of both of us. By the way, have a Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for the chance; I love the tea house fabric.

Jennifer said...

I'm thankful that my mom is in good health. I don't get to see her much, but I am glad she is doing well! :-)

Nadilah Magee said...

I'm thankful that my kids healthy and happy..

Nadilah Magee said...

I'm a follower

Katrina said...

I am thankful for my three children and husband. We are all healthy and happy :)

Sabs said...

We already celebrated Mother's Day last month here in the UK but I'll take this opportunity to tell my mum again how much I love and appreciate her. I'm thankful that she is always there for me and I hope that she knows just how special she us to me and my sister.

Beth said...

I'm thankful there was a Yankee game televised on Mother's Day, and that my sweetheart understood that was how I would most like to spend the day. Compatibility is a lovely thing.

wordygirl at earthlink dot net

Heather A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heather A said...

I'm thankful for the two great kids who made me a mother. They are my dear husband's and my gift to the world.


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