Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Wrapup: Scraps and More Scraps

My scrap pile was getting unruly - so bad in fact I am a little ashamed of even showing it!  After hours of organizing and cutting and decision making ... and pure chaos, comes more scrap projects.  Don't you love scrap projects??? I know I do.  It does require a bit more work, planning and crossing your fingers - hoping you have enough of a certain fabric to complete the project you have planned in your head.

After a while of planning and organizing I have a (huge) neat pile of scraps for the shop and plenty enough to start my next quilt :).  Here's my scraps , cut to size and and for use:


A little while more things are beginning to take form - beginnings of many, many piecing:

Can you guess what quilt kind of quilt I'm making - here's my inspiration from Cluck Cluck Sew :)

Here's my first block - pinned on my design board:

Fun times :) Hopefully I get this one done soon! Have a great and production week everyone!

1 comment:

Sachiko said...

I love your block, so pretty! Where do you buy your fabrics?


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