Thursday, October 18, 2012

WIP - Binding and Binding

Yes I am over 8 months pregnant now and yes I should be resting more.  But what can I say, I'm a busy body and I can't sit still!  Though I am trying to 'keep it easy' until delivery day I find little stuff to occupy my time without going overboard with exhaustion.  The fabric shop keeps me quite busy but my husband has been a great help in moving fabrics around and delivery packages for me :) (yes I'm a little gal).  The boys have quite a regular routine now that the older one is used to Kindergarten and the younger one has gotten used to going to preschool without his older brother.

So once in a while I go sneak into my sewing room and squeeze in a project here and there.  I'm trying to finish up a couple of quilts:


 I've started these a while back and have been saving the binding (my favorite part of the quilt) for when I am less mobile. 


And trust me I am glad I am not in the sandwiching or quilting part of the project right. Just sitting in front of the sewing machine for more than 10 minutes seem a little straining right now. But I am glad I have these small projects to fill my time :).  I'll probably work in a few quilt designs for next year as well.  Hopefully I still have a couple of weeks before baby #3 decides to make her appearance :).

Happy sewing and creating everyone - have a great rest of the week and weekend!

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needle and nest said...

I know how you feel, though you are definitely more disciplined than I am. I just hit 36 weeks and I feel as though I'm running in place trying to get everything done. I kep checking things off my lust but the list never gets shorter!


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