Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Custom Quilt

Once in a while I say YES to creating a custom quilt.  Maybe this isn't quite the right now (crunch time for the holidays, new baby, pending house remodel and all that sort of busy stuff ;)) but I can't help but to say yes to a worthwhile request.   

Here's the mission - create a quilt out of existing blocks (supplied by the requester) and try to incorporate some other fabrics also provided by the requester.  Quilt size - about a twin size.  Mission ACCEPTED :).

The blocks given were roughly 8"x8" - 35 of them.  There were some very cool prints and a few solids.  Most looks like there were remnants or up-cycled fabrics.  The blocks were all roughly hand-sewn together and the squares look like they were all free-cut without rulers.  So they all needed to be carefully squared off.

Some needed a lot of squaring off...but no worries, they all ended up looking mighty nice at the end.

After squaring them off, they were all just under 8".  I was careful not to cut off the hand sewing.

Started to piece the quilt top together, adding a fresh solid border sash to join all the blocks together.  Press and voila - looking nice :)

The quilt top is almost complete - just need to add the border to make it a full twin size quilt and we are off to start the quilt bottom.

Hopefully there will be more progress to share again soon.  Katie - Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to create this beautiful quilt for you and trusting me with all the precious blocks from your grandma. 

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Svetlana said...

wow, this is going to be one totally amazing quilt. Love your choice of sashing.


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