Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Made By ME #42 Linky Party and Features

Hi everyone.  Welcome to JAQS Studio Made by Me linky party.  Awesome project last week - some oh-so-popular ones are featured below.  This week's party at the end of this post.

Before I forget I just want to let you know that I am having a sale over at my SHOP - 10% off the ENTIRE store with coupon code "SUMMER10" valid through August 5, 2012.  That's including all napkin sets AND handmade quilts.  Come check it out :) - here's peak at napkins I added recently to the shop.




...and onto this week's "Made by ME" Linky Party.  Happy Linking everyone!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boy and Girl Quilt - PINS

Do you ever get the feeling that you have a hundred projects going on at once?  I feel that way right now.  For the life of me I don't know how it get this way.  But no complaints here ... as long as I could get some of these finished soon to de-clutter my sewing table ;).

Not along ago I decided to start some simple square quilts.  I had some cute boy and girl fabrics in and couldn't wait to get them cut.  These are finally ready for sandwiching and hopefully I'll get around to quilting them in the next couple of weeks - 3 quilts total.

One of the things I really enjoy during this process is getting out my big roll of batting ... yeah I don't know why.  But I love hauling it out and just cutting into it.  Sometimes I purchase pre-cut batting to size but because of the varying and improv quilts I make I like to get the big rolls most of the time. 

 Here's a closer look at the little boy quilt (most fabrics are from the Ten Little Things collection from Moda).  I haven't decided how I want to quilt this yet.

And a look at the little girl quilt ( fabrics from the Fresh Cut collection).  I think I want to experiment with the orange peel (tutorial could be found here).

Hopefully I'll have more to show very soon :).  Happy sewing everyone.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Made By ME #41 Linky Party and Features

Happy Linking everyone :).  Great party last week - got a lot of yummy foods and fantastic projects.  Here are a few favorites from last week - this weeks party at the end of the post.



Sewing and Knits

...and onto this week's "Made by ME" Linky Party.  Happy Linking everyone!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Made By ME #40 Linky Party and Features

Hi everyone!  Ready for another week of great projects? :)  Here's a few favorites from last week and read on to add and see new projects for this week's Made by ME linky party.


Crafts and Decor

Sandwich Wrap with Garlic Herb Cream from Dishing With Leslie 

...and onto this week's "Made by ME" Linky Party.  Happy Linking everyone!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Day of Piece (ing)

It's a nice relaxing summer day here in the Studio.  I took the opportunity to piece together a new quilt made from earthy floral that almost has a retro feel to them.  That are pieced together in the in a chevron design to give it a more modern look.  Here's a (tiny) peak of the progress so far.  More photos to share shortly once I have a chance to press out the pieces :). 


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Made By ME #39 Linky Party and Features

Hello and welcome to another week of Made by ME linky party.  So many great projects from last week - here are a few favorites to share.  Scroll to bottom to share your project this week :) 

Sewing and Knits


Crafts and Decor

...and onto this week's "Made by ME" Linky Party.  Happy Linking everyone!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wedding Crafts

My sister's wedding was last weekend in South Lake Tahoe in Nevada/California.  It was absolutely gorgeous and I am very happy for my sister and my brand new brother in-law.  Our boys had a great time as ring bearers for the wedding.  Here are some of the before-the-wedding fun in preparation for the wedding: custom ring bear pillows and tie/bow that perfectly matches the wedding colors :)

The wedding colors were mainly eggplant purple and green, accented by NATURE :) - to match with the pine trees and natural decor of Lake Tahoe.   For the ring bearer pillows I decided to pull all these elements together but also keep the design on the simple side.  The finished pillows are about 8.5 inches square.

To make the ring bear pillows I started with 2 off-white pillows - stuffed with the same stuff I use to stuff regular pillows.

Then I gathered all the decorations needed for the pillow - ribbons, pine cones, rings, and of course HOT GLUE GUN.  I gathered the pine cone rosettes from my front yard :)

I started assembling the pillows by layering the ribbons - held nice and tight by a few pumps from the hot glue gun.

 Top with a fancy bow made by the same green ribbon:

Finish with the pine cone rosette and rings - don't forget to use as much hot glue as possible to keep everything nice and tight.  I'm glad I did because I boys put these pillows to the test during the wedding :)

And voila - a pair of custom made ring bearer pillows:

For the boys' ties I saw this great tutorial HERE.  It was super easy to make and the results were fabulous.  I also made a pair of bowties as well - just in case the boys didn't want to wear the ties.  Turns out that they loved the ties.

Making the ties was as easy as cutting out the fabrics:

Follow these easy steps and you have ties (and bowties) ready for use.  I recommend making your own kid's ties - it's easy, you could custom it to any color theme and you save a bunch of $$.

Another perk of making your own children's ties - since the boys saw the whole process they LOVED wearing the ties they 'help' make :)

Two happy boys ready to walk down the aisle.

Congratulations again Feng and Mike - you two make a SUPER cute couple :).  I am very proud and happy for the both of you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Made By ME #38 Linky Party and Features

Happy 4th of July U.S. readers!  Great patriotic projects last week - a few of which are featured below, along with other great projects.  Scroll to bottom for this week's Linky Party :).


Crafts and Decor


...and onto this week's "Made by ME" Linky Party.  Happy Linking everyone!


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