Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day - Celebration Sale

Happy Earth Day!

I am please to say that we have been living a [more] green life for over 5 years now. That's why I love having an Earth Day-day to reflect on what we've done as a shop (and family) to help make this world a greener please for us and future generations to come.

Here are a list of the big stuff we've changed in the last 5 years...
  • Not brought a single paper napkin in 5 years.  In fact we still have the same pack of paper napkins in our pantry for over 5 years.  We love our cloth napkins!  We have about 80 or so in the rotation to keep up with the family needs.  Most of them have been in regular use for over 5 years...and looking good still!
  • Most (minus Windex and toilet bowl cleaner) of our household cleaners have been transition to Eco-friendly products.  Our favorite brand: Seventh Generation - Fragrance Free!  Still working to replace a few products.
  • Regular maintenance of doors and windows to make sure that they are sealed properly to ensure proper ensulation
  • Even with 3 little kids - I am STILL driving around in my super-efficient Prius.  Most people are in awe that 3 kids (in carseats and boosters) could fit in there, but the Prius is much roomier than people think.  Baby in the middle (with infant seat) and the 2 boys on either side in boosters:

  • Everyone in our household use reusable cups for all their drinks.  In the last 5 years we have only brought ONE pack of disposable cups and that was for a party we had a while back - the same pack still sits in our pantry in case we have extra guest over and we don't have enough cups :)  Our favorite water bottle?  Camelbak - replacement parts are SUPER easy to find.

  •  Most of our food is either locally grown, organic and or home grown naturally.  We have grown quite accustomed to farmer markets over the years and always looking out for those Locally Grown signs when we grocery shop.

More GREEN ideas for the [hopefully near] future:
  • LOVE to get solar panels for the home.  They are a little cost prohibitive right now, but hopefully one day :)
  • 100% eco-friendly cleaning products in the household
  • Create a more water-efficient yard.  Example: more drought resistant
I believe that a little bit of change can do a lot to help conserve resources and to help create a cleaner more sustainable earth for many many generations to come.  So do a little, do a lot, just do something and be mindful of the [ONE] world that we live in :).

And what's a Earth Day without a sale from our little shop JAQS Studio 10% off your complete purchase - Sale ends end of April 2013 - coupon code Spring2013.


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