Saturday, January 25, 2014

Simple Asian Inspired Dinners

The weather is California is been very warm.  Spring temperature days and slightly cooler nights has made me want to eat lighter meals as oppose to the typical winters stews.

Like a light lettuce wrap - with a little bit of chicken, sprouts, garlic and typical Asian spices make for a quick little dinner.  This turned out yummy and quickly :).

I had some oil left over from frying up some fries the previous day, so I also whipped a batch of crab & cream cheese stuffed wontons.  The crab was a lump crab meat I froze from the holidays.  Great way to use up little bits of food.  Only took a few tablespoons of lump crab and cream cheese and we had a HUGE batch - enough for the family.

Hopefully we see a real winter here soon.  The hills are looking very dry and water is getting scarce.  Bring out the rain sticks!

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