Monday, January 13, 2014

WIP & A little Visitor

I've been busy trying to finish up some new quilts - this has been going on for....months??  It's a log cabin version of all jewel tones.  Totally need a break from some of the softer tones I've been using lately.  A nice welcome with some of these keep pretty tones.

I'm making several of these quilts - all in different sizes. So, about 20 blocks done and 100 more to go??? ;)

Good thing quilting is such a relaxing activity :).  I love how the colors are all working together even though they are all from different manufacturers and collections - a lot of colors I don't usually work with like purples and mustards.

On a side note, here a little visitor I found in the shop the other day:

Love my little princess :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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