Wednesday, September 10, 2014

End of Summer Harvest and Draught

We're enjoying the last tomatoes, zucchinis and basils as summer comes to an end.

Instead of gearing up for a late summer/fall planting we have decided to let our garden rest for remainder of the year.  California is in a serious draught and it just seems wrong to be watering the garden.

We have already let our back lawn go...and planning on planting more draught resistant plants/trees and fake grass for the kids next spring.

Though we might have some good rain this winter (fingers crossed), we must still make a conscious effort to conserve as much as we can even when we're not in a draught.

NO no ... we are not getting rid of our vegetable garden assure it will be back next spring.  But we'll be renovating the water system to be more effective :)


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Nice harvest of tomatoes. It is a shame California is having so many water problems. I feel your pain, I live in northern Ca. We need rain.

Hayley B said...

I feel you, this drought is so unfortunate. At least tomatoes don't need a ton of water. I hardly ever water mine. They're even tastier if you make them work for it.


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