Sunday, September 11, 2011

How Do You Cut?

How many cutting tools do you have in your sewing room?  I think at any given point I have about a dozen.  Usually about half of them are missing - brought into another room and not returned, buried underneath a project or mysteriously just missing.  Here are the must-have cutting tools that I could round up today:

(1) Clauss cutting sheers   (2) Plastic handled generic scissors   (3 & 4) Rotary cutters   (5) Threat clippers   (6) Small curved craft scissors   (7) Seam ripper

I have these cutting tools spread around my sewing room at all times - each serves a purpose all of them are use almost daily. 

First I like to introduce you to my heavy duty 8" Hot Forged Clauss Dress Maker sears.  That are pretty heavy and super sharp.  Best of all - it cuts through everything like butter.  I keep it around my cutting table and my #1 use of this is for trimming quilts.  It cuts through the quilt top, batting and quilt cotton like ... butter ;)

To contrast the Clauss scissors, meet my generic plastic handled scissors.  Doesn't cost much and I think I have 3-5 of these around the house.  The primary purpose of having these around is that I don't have to rely on my 'good' scissors to cut through stuff like paper, cardboard or plastic.  Super handy, pretty sharp for a while and inexpensive.

Every quilters best friend.  I have 3 of these - I'm missing my tiny one :).  Love these, they make cutting straight lines (with a straight edge) accurate and quick.  If you are doing more detailed cutting then a smaller rotary cutter would be helpful - if you ever see my small one in the background of a picture or if you visit my sewing room and stumble across it, PLEASE let me know ;).

Thread clippers are awesome to have next the sewing machine.  I remember when I was little my mom would always have a string tied to hers - on the other side of the string?  The sewing machine of course.  After sewing for years now, I can see why she did that.  I use this ALL the time.  I prefer using this over the auto-thread cutter on my sewing machine and awesome to have around to cut any loose threads.

These little craft scissors are my go-to thread trimmers for finished projects.  I usually leave these by my sofa and do detailed thread trimmings while watching television at night.  The narrow tipped ends are perfect for reaching those hard to reach areas.

Last but definitely not least - I have my seam ripper.  Sits next to my sewing machine and comes in handy when you have those OOPS moments :)

What cutting tools do you have around your sewing room?  What are you must-haves?  Do you loose yours as often as I loose mine??? 

Have a great and productive week everyone! :)


Tarantismo said...

Thank you for the lovely intro!
I'm a beginner in embroidery and quilting and I've been seeing a lot of references to, and praise for the rotary cutter. My first quilt


was done using some very basic techniques and I don't know if it was the 'right' way... All the blog tutorials I referred to kept mentioning the rotary cutter and I could never really figure out what it was for... your post helped..
Unfortunately, I'm in India and we don't get it here, atleast not that I know of... so for me, it's still my trusty fabric scissors...
Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

All of those!! Instead of Clauss, I use Gingher. I have about a dozen cheap scissors. My family knows that if it has a colored grip, they can use it to cut their stuff. They stay away from my 4 pairs of ginghers!!
Plus 2 rotary cutters.
I wish I had some curved embroidery scissors for cutting those jump threads!!
And now I have a Go! Baby (well, it is supposed to arrive today) and a Sizzix Big Shot (later this week, probably) Can't wait to use those!!


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