Friday, September 16, 2011

Napkin Set Giveaway at Sweet Greens

If you have ever visited my home or seen my online Etsy shop, you would know I am a fabric napkin user.  I switched from paper to fabric over 2 years ago and I am HOOKED. Making them from quality cotton prints makes the napkins super easy to wash (quick wash and dry in the machine), inexpensive (compared to heavier fabrics) and lightweight & slim so I could slip in a my pocket or lunch bag. I love them because I could use them over and over again (read: LESS WASTE, SAVE MONEY and of course better for the environment and all that good stuff :)). With 2 young kids, we are always dealing with messes that are sticky, gooey and dealing with paper napkins that rip, tears and sticks on their faces is NOT good.

Need I say more? :) OK just one more perk of using cloth napkins: BEAUTIFUL prints. If you are a fabric-addict like me or just love pretty things, you would appreciate the array of fabrics out there:

Cloth Napkins @ JAQS Studio

That is why I am so excited when Jennie from Sweet Greens contacted my shop as a feature on her blog.  Jennie has great posts on how to stay green, organic - even on a budget - music to my ears!  Hop on over to Jennie's blog, leave a comment for a chance to win a set of FOUR napkins - it will be enough to get you hooked on fabric too ;)


Thanks Jennie!  Great blog and I can't wait to read more of your green tips :)


planettreasures said...

i love fabric napkins too, they just feel so much nicer.
Off to investigate your shop and giveaway....

Briana D. said...

These are super cute!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I am a cloth napkin user, too. I saw some on clearance, and decided that we needed to switch. I have never looked back!

Dawn said...

I have fabric napkins and use them only for special occasions. Why????.....did I never think of using them on a daily basis? Or for that matter making my own? Okay....I believe the light bulb just came on thanks to ya'll!! Hope everyone's having a great weekend! It's gorgeous here in the foothills east of Sacramento, California. Fall has arrived....finally. :0)

John said...

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