Thursday, August 15, 2013

Making Twill Tape Tags

If you've ever ordered my napkin sets (shameless plug ;)) you know that I use twill tape as a tag on each set up napkins.  They are each individually printed, ironed, cut and attached by yours truly.  I know it's tedious at times but I believe in the concept of making things from the process is relaxing when I have the time :).

So once in while I make a big batch of it and today I want to share with you some photos of this process.


Step 1: Design your logo and the REVERSE (aka mirror image) of it ready to print

Step 2: Print it on transfer paper like this one from Amazon

Step 3: Cut out your logos 

Step 4: Iron on (aka transfer on) to your twill tape

Step5: Cut to into individual labels

I make a bunch of these at a time and save them in a zipper bag.  A little tedious...a little therapeutic...but from scratch and saves a little bit of $$ :).

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