Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Cooking With Garden Vegetables

This has been a great year for our little vegetable garden.  We were blessed with a lot of yummy vegetables.  I think I accomplished by goal of eating something home grown daily :).  Here's some shots of some of the great foods I was able to make with my little humble garden - keep in mind that this is for a family of 5!  Yes even baby Aya had a lot of yummy baby foods made from this garden.

Great any time of year, but especially summertime.  Sorry I forgot to make a shot of the veggy loaded pizza.  But this one has fresh tomato marinara sauce - fresh the garden of course!

Marinara Sauce
First time making marinara sauce.  Can't go back to the bottled stuff!  Next year I am definitely growing more roma tomatoes.  I mixed in some overripe heirlooms and early girls into this sauce.

A family favorite around here.  Lots of basil this year.  We also use the pesto for pizzas, spread for breads or other yummies.

Cucumber Salads
We made this for home, parties and to bring to potlucks.  A good (and cheap) way to enjoy cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden.

Other yummy stuff from the garden not pictured: 
GREEN BEANS (many many many meals of this stuff and we're still loving it.  Growing more for a late fall harvest)

BOK CHOY: Not a lot of it, but enough for an occasional stir fry or baby food

LETTUCE: Baby lettuces, butterhead, etc.  Great by itself and used plenty in burgers and sandwiches.

Love our garden! :)

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