Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Bathroom REDO

Our downstairs bathroom was workable.  It wasn't too old but we needed a bathtub - badly.  So to accommodate for a tub in the new place, we got bids from contractors and scratched our heads trying to decide how to put a tub in our place without breaking the bank.

Our solution - convert the downstairs shower into a tub.  Sorry I don't have any before pictures - but here are some pics of the "after".  I wanted an modern meets retro feel and I think we accomplished that quite well :).

The reason for the remodel - to put in a tub.  Ain't she beautiful?  Now I have a place to bathe the two little kids.   Aya was outgrowing her little plastic baby tub so this was finished just in time.

One of my favorite new things in the bathroom was the flooring.  We ripped out the old linoleum flooring and had tile put in - retro-inspired black and white Hex tiles.  Love it! 

I am thankful we were able to keep almost all the other items in the bathroom.  Everything in this picture was original - except for the flooring...and wall color.

We'll see how long we could keep it this neat and clean with 3 kids.  So far, so good.

BTW - don't pictures make spaces look big? 

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