Monday, October 7, 2013

First Broccoli In the Garden

For all you mighty home gardeners out there, this picture may not seem that impressive  However, it makes me smile because it is my very first BROCCOLI!  EVER.  And as my husband says, it might be my only. 

Do you see it?  The broccoli crown is only about 3" but based on what I've been reading online, I needed to harvest it because the florets were beginning to 'loosen'...if you know otherwise, please let me know so I don't prematurely harvest prematurely again. 

Why is it my only?  I started to see bunnies [along with the usual other critters like aphids, squirrels and million birds, etc] starting to invade my garden.  I sprayed soapy water for the aphids, put up little barriers for squirrels and now bunnies...sigh.  Hopefully the other broccoli will survive this small zoo we're creating in our yard.

Crossing my fingers we will have more than one broccoli to harvest before it gets too cold around here.

Happy gardening everyone!


michael said...

Utilizing concentrated planting methods and in addition crop revolution little garden outline can be effectively accomplished. Yields are high when plants are firmly divided. By becoming early, mid and late season vegetables in the same space, most extreme yield is acknowledged from least space.

Juana Wright said...

Members of the cabbage family, broccoli and cauliflower are both best transplanted into your veggie patch. Caulis are a bit delicate and it is not as easy to grow from seed as broccoli - but save effort and transplant both. Unless you are like George Bush Sr and intensely dislike broccoli.


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