Friday, October 11, 2013


I love pillows.  For the bed, for the couch, for the floor, to carry around...can't get enough of them.  It's a wonder why I waited so long to carry them at the shop.  Strange huh?  Well, it's here!  Pillows of course.  I'm starting with a few - adding more as I get a chance to photograph them :)



All pillow covers are made with concealed (aka "invisible") zippers.  Super easy to remove the pillow cover and wash because life happens (re: KIDS in our household).

Inserts are not included but I do have a TON of them available for purchase if you are interested.  Just let me know and I'll setup a listing for you.  Shipping is FREE for the insert (insert itself is $12) when purchased with a pillow cover.

Pillow Inserts - Available Upon Request - $12 FREE SHIPPING with Pillow Cover (U.S. only)

I think my kids want to keep them all as they stare at each one.  Don't worry, they have their own little (BIG) collection of pillows already and I'm sure they'll have me make more for them as well :).

Well, thanks for your time as I introduce my latest creations from the shop.


Pienkel said...

They're wonderful! Hadn't seen your shop before, it looks very nice, my compliments!

amy mayen said...

I love the sunglasses and cameras!


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