Saturday, November 16, 2013

Deer Crossing

There's been a lot of activity outside our home in the last few months.  Earlier in the summer we noticed a few deers roaming around our block.  Now there seems to be a whole family of them living in our side yard.  Here's Mommy and 2 babies:

They roam peacefully though I do get a little with the kids playing outside.  Though my new worry has been these guys (taken by a neighbor with a night vision camera):

Looks like there's been a wave of wild boar sitings in the area and others in California.  Our neighbors sited a few big ones and even a few babies.  This explains why the lawn in our yard is thrashed.


Almost Precious said...

Feral pigs have become a big problem in a lot of states, we have them way down south in Florida. They are indeed something to worry about as they are dangerous and well armed with their tusk and teeth.
The deer are pretty but I guess like all wildlife, they are wild and one must respect that and keep a safe distance.

btw - My daughter loves your pretty napkin sets that I gave her a year or so ago. :)

michael said...

In our neck of the woods it isn't unusual to be causally driving along the road and all of a sudden you find that a deer will scurry across the highway in front of you. Or perhaps you will be maneuvering through a wooded back road and observe a deer positioned on the side of the thoroughfare. On that one you will likely wipe your brow feeling lucky that it did not decide to dash across the road at the last minute.


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