Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Sewing Room Progress

Okay so the progress isn't HUGE. No I haven't finished organizing the whole room yet, but thanks to my husband (Jeff) I have made great progress. Do you remember how the closet looked like pre-Operation ReORG?

Yeah that's a little embarrassing to say the least. It seemed more of a dumping ground for anything that doesn't belong to any where else in the house than a sewing room closet.

So with the help of 3 very handsome men, the closet was gutted and a new closet setup is going in. Too bad I don't have a picture of the completely empty closet - but trust me the feel of the room after the closet was cleaned out was "OH MY GOD". It felt like the room automatically doubled in size!

After some careful measuring, cutting, and nailing the new shelving was beginning to look pretty awesome:

Nice huh? The beginnings of beautiful shelves. Haha now I just have to organize the rest of the room to go with the closet. BTW that frame in the lower right hand corner was a MISTAKE! Haven't used it once and not planning to. Just have to package it up somewhere. Maybe when I get a bigger play area I could take it out again, but for now it takes up way too much of the room.

Here's the 2 little ones hard at work:

Asher making sure the studs were found and Silas marking the spot :). They love to help out don't they :P.

So that's the progress so far with the room. I am still working hard to finish up the fabric organization as well so that when the room is finished my fabrics will be sorted and ready to be put away.

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