Friday, September 3, 2010

Keeping Busy - Very Very Busy

Besides from the regular 9-5, being a mom, cleaning, cooking and all that good stuff - there are still other things that keeps me busy - very very busy. 

I celebrated another birthday recently.  The best part?  This cute gift from my son Asher (3.5 years old).  Thanks Jeff for making this happen :).


It's been quite a journey trying to organize my sewing room.  Months of arranging and rearranging, progress is looking more real.

The stacks of fabrics that are organized, coded, and stacked ready to be used:
I have 7 stacks of these going based on color or main design: yellow/green, blue/white/black, brown/orange, red/pink, pink/purple, solids, and stripes.

...and the stack that still needs work...
Thankfully these are the ones I don't use all that often anymore :).

The corner of the one that is still in flux:
I MIGHT share some of this corner space with my husband...but I don't know yet since the room is so little and it's a SEWING room :P.

A glimpse of the cork-board-of-inspiration:

Summer has kept this household quite busy.  We are enjoying the great outdoors and I'm trying to keep up my little veg garden.

A bowlful of greens from the Mighty Little Garden just the other day:
Roll call: basil, parsley, red cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and chard. Doesn't seem like much, but it was plenty enough to make pesto pasta and a salad - for dinner AND lunch the next for the whole family.

Organizing my thoughts and gearing up for the holidays.  Yes summer just ended but I like to make sure I don't run behind.  I will update by soon with some holiday FUN :P.  But here's my inspiration to kick start the holidays:

12 Days of Christmas - Moda pack.

Cheers to more projects and creative time!

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