Monday, September 27, 2010

12 Weeks of Christmas: Join In!

Hi - This year @ JAQS I'm counting down the 12 WEEKS of Christmas

Each week leading up to the big day will be a new project inspired by the holiday season.  We're starting the 12 WEEKS of Christmas with the week one starting October 4.  So come join in the festivities with your own creation for each holiday inspired project or come get inspired.  Either way there will be lots to see and lots to do.  Linkies will be available starting the first day of each week to show off YOUR on that week's project.  All Linkies will stay open until the big CHRISTMAS Day.

Here's a breakdown of the weeks and what project I will be working on.

           Holiday Napkins & Napkins Rings
Holiday napkins are an easy way to bring the holidays to any holiday table.  I like to keep mine simple so that it could be used year round if I wanted to.  I put extra flair on it during Christmas with a holiday napkin ring.

          'Twas the Season Pillows
Something small but adds a lot of holiday cheer to any room.  This is a great way to show off your sewing skills without spending a lot of time on a big project.

  • 3rd Week of Christmas: Oct 18 - Oct 24
               Magnet Christmas Card Holder

If you're like me you are always looking for a way to display Christmas cards.   These Christmas magnets will do the trick.

  • 4th Week of Christmas: Oct 25- Oct 31
          Go-Green Gift Tags

A greener way to go this holiday season.  Why not reuse old Christmas cards as gift tags?  This little project speaks to my green holiday spirit :).

  • 5th Week of Christmas: Nov 1 - Nov 7
              The Scrappy Christmas Tree 
Left with a bunch of fabrics from all those quilting projects?  Have no fear - make a Scrappy Christmas Tree this year.

  • 6th Week of Christmas: Nov 8 - Nov 14
          Snowflake w/ Ribbon
Something I do every year to give our California home a feel of a 'White Christmas'.  This year I get to share this special tradition with my 2 boys...and we're going to pretty it up with ribbons.

  • 7th Week of Christmas: Nov 15 - Nov 21
          Christmas Cupcakes
Cupcakes...yummm...must I say more?

  • 8th Week of Christmas: Nov 22 - Nov 28
          Christmas Wreath
A way to use materials that you probably already have around the house already.  Decorate and reuse at the same time!

  • 9th Week of Christmas: Nov 29 - Dec 5
          Customized Tree Ornaments
Another tradition at our household is to great ornaments each year to commemorate the events of the past year.  Well this year we will attempt to make our own.  Something new :). 

  • 10th Week of Christmas: Dec 6 - Dec 12
          Garland (Fabric) Decor
An easy but very festive way to decorate your Christmas tree, a wall, or anything.  The best part?  It's made of fabrics from your scrap pile! :)    

  • 11th Week of Christmas: Dec 13 - Dec 19
          Scrappy Gift Wrapping
It's a gift wrap, no it's a present, no it's BOTH!  Know a quilter/sewer?  You could wrap their present with something they could use.  Ahh...another green Christmas idea.  Love it.

  • 12th Week of Christmas: Dec 20 - CHRISTMAS DAY
          Funny Man Gingerbread Cookies
Nothing says Christmas like the smell of fresh baked cookies.  Why not give it an extra special touch?  Make them fun with the kids!  Get their little hands dirty for Funny Man gingerbread cookie decoration time.

So what's your take on these holiday projects?  Have something you want to share?  Strut your stuff here :).

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