Saturday, September 18, 2010

Squared: Knots!

Here's a sneak on the quilting process for Squared:


Yep that's right I'm finally giving the tie quilting a shot. This quilt top consist of small 3" completed squares so I don't want to much quilting lines sewing and I've always wanted to knot a quilt :).

Start off by sewing in and out of the corner of each square, creating a figure 'X' on the back of the quilt. Continue with each corner until you reach the end of the row or you run out of thread:


Next tie knots at each corner, cutting it about 1/3" - 1/2" after each knot.

I looked at a few methods online for ideas on how to make the knots. This is the final knot I decided to make - I'm not good with knot names so I drew up a diagram of what I did:

Diagram of knot.  It's pretty much a Square knot, but instead of looping once, loop twice :).

Loop Once:

Loop Twice:

Voila! A knot!


Repeat with all the corners until all of the blocks are knotted. I alternated each row with green and maroon thread (embroidery thread - 6 thread count).  Hopefully I could finish this up soon :).

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