Monday, November 22, 2010

Red Poppies Spring Up - And Some QT With The Sewing Machine

In the midst of some freezing temperatures, rain and even snow - I find the need to make something to remind me of warmer days.


How about poppies? :)  I'm a Californian and there's something about the sight of poppies that always make me smile...

Also - new project, new tool.  I'm recently brought the Petite Press:

Love it! I tried a couple of mini-sized craft irons before and by far this one is the best.  It head tilts for different ironing angles, 4 different heat settings (though I just keep it on the highest one usually) and it's super comfortable to use.  I recommend it for any quilter or crafter out there who needs a mini-iron.

And the Petite Iron was definitely a life-saver when I had to press all these appliques in place:
There were actually 3 rows of poppies :).

And yes I finally was able to use my sewing machine :) - how long as it been??? Weeks?? :P


I feel like I need to play the song - "united and it feels so gooood"!

Ahhh - sewing at last :).



Ivory Spring said...

This is going to be stunning, Q!

Sherry said...

The poppies are going to be wonderful. Love what your up to. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping by.

Lynseylou said...

I've got to ask! Do you have or sale the pattern to those poppies/quilt? I am doing my baby nursery in poppies and those are amazing! please let me know.


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