Monday, November 8, 2010

Not Much Crafting...Just Baking Away

It's getting cold, the kids are inside ALL the time and it's another excuse for me to stay out of the sewing room. The 12 Weeks of Christmas posting will continue very soon...but first let me show you what I've been LOVING.


Yep - nothing to do with sewing, but brings me a great deal of joy nonetheless :).  White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cranberry Cookies - say that 3 times real fast :P.

I've been making a variation of this recipe from Allrecipes for a few years now but this is the first year I made it for my boys (3.5 and 1.5 and ready for home made cookies).  There's a lot of recipes out there for something like this and it's a very good alternative to the usual chocolate chip or oatmeal-raisin.

Recruit your little helpers and gather up your incredients:
Don't mind the mix-match containers and bags - I like to buy in bulk.  A lot of people think buying in bulk means buying A LOT of the same item, but a lot of time I buy bulk to get the EXACT measurement of an ingredient I need.  This avoids any extras of an ingredient that I don't usually cook with - in this case macadamia nuts - 1 Cup Exactly.  Places like Whole Foods even have measuring cups for you to use.

Key components: chopped macadamia cuts, white chocolate chip and cranberries.  Haha - about 10% of the white chocolate chip, and 20% of the cranberries went in the tummy of my 3 year old before it even got a chance to get mixed into the cookie dough :).
I really like the colors of the ingredients - especially the deep red color of the cranberries.

Mix in ingredients per instructions - don't mind those little hands going for the batter! Don't worry this batch stayed within the family ;).

Spoon it into a parchment lined cookie sheet - super easy cleanup - and put it in the oven:

Results - beautiful, delicious and healthy-er cookies for the little ones: haha yes if you count the cranberries and nuts it is a healthier alternative :P.

Enjoy! Promise to go into my sewing room in the near future. 12 Weeks of Christmas will resume soon.

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