Friday, December 3, 2010

Fabric Love #1

For some fun projects for kids coming up, I decided to make a special purchase at Fabricworm.

Fabric love indeed :).
Kokka Japan Air Travel, Kokka Trefle - Little Red Riding Hood and Kokka Trefle-Little Miss

I guess I am still thinking of spring ... Did I mention I hate cold winter??

SEI Playday Autumn Trees (well at least it doesn't look like a cold autumn in this fabric :P), Joel Dewberry Dogwood-Bloom, Joel Dewberry Flower, Suling Wang Lovely Orchard

...and some 'just because I love it' fabrics :)

Barbara Jones Summertime Pin Dots Steel, Monaluna Metro Cafe Cuppa Joe

Thanks again Fabricworm for a lovely shopping experience!

1 comment:

Sara said...

Those are really great fabrics! I especially love any kind of fairy tale fabric.


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