Monday, February 7, 2011

Celebrate Seuss Pillow - Revisited

Hello again Dr. Seuss Pillow.  I am submitting this to Rachel's from Stitched in Color/Blogger's Pillow Party!


These 2 pillows are designed the same, but they vary by the fabric cut.  I made sure that each pillow gets a good number of characters on them.


The pillow tops are pieced together and then quilted to create an extra comfy feel. It also created a sturdier pillows that hold its shape very well. As you can see I love to quilt and I tend to quilt all my pillow tops as well :).


For the back of the pillow I repeated the colors from the pillow top but cut it larger. One of the pillow I used off white and green solids and the other orange and blue solids.


Both the pillows turned out beautifully and they add a very fun touch to the boys' room.


I am also joining in @ the VERY cool Blogger's Pillow party!

Blogger's Pillow Party

1 comment:

Ivory Spring said...

Just love how you pulled all those warm colors together.


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