Monday, February 28, 2011

Time Out of the Studio

Last week was VACATION week. We geared up to take the kids up to the snow for their very first time. It was a blast. We got lucky with the weather: a little snowfall, a little sunshine and a whole lot of snow EVERYWHERE. It was absolutely beautiful.

The kids are still young (4 and 2) so we spent a lot of time building snowmans:


...and enjoying the views:


After an exhausting 3 days in the snow, I welcome the warmer snow-less weather back :). Though I love dressing up the kids in layers of clothes, snow bib, snow jacket - so they could keep warm and so I could see them look like little marshmallows :P - CUTE.

OK back to the Studio!



Ivory Spring said...

Beautiful scenery, Q -glad you packed in some R&R family time. :)

michael said...

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