Tuesday, March 1, 2011

...Back in the Studio

After some R&R away from the Studio, I look forward to spending some time in the Studio again.  First action item: work on Spring Wheels quilt!  There was a LOT of sewing, pressing, trimming, sewing...repeat repeat report.

After hours grueling work (just kidding :P) I got 1 of the quilt tops completed (I'm making TWO total - I'll explain later, but that's how the design ended up).  Here's a glimpse of the quilt top #1 next to it's inspiration pinwheel:


This quilt has been quite challenging, but a whole of fun. The fabrics are so bright and colorful and the design is very playful.


I can't wait till I could show off the completed quilts :). Stay tuned for more process...hopefully sooner than later.


1 comment:

Ivory Spring said...

Oooo - I am in love with your fabrics! Can't wait to see the quilt tops.


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