Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Framed Blossoms Quilt Completed!

A sprinkle of applique, pretty florals, fun borders and a combination of quilting techniques later I am proud to say that Framed Blossoms is now COMPLETE :)


The front of the quilt features 6 frames of raw-edged applique flowers. Each of flower petals are individual appliqued onto the quilt and quilted around the edges. Bordered around the blossoms are coordinating solids and prints to show off the blooms.

Please excuse the outdoors shots - I need to find a less spotty (shade, sun, shade, sun) in my yard for these pics.

A close-up of the blossoms:
The borders are quilted with a straight edge quilting technique and the blossom itself is quilted around the edges and interior. In the blossom and frame area I quilted a meandering leave design with a matching thread.

The quilting created a very nice design against the simple background:
I just love the way the quilt puckers a little when washed. The design from the quilting really makes the washed quilt pop.

Since we're on the topic of the back of the quilt - I kept it nice and simple.  It has the same brown as the front and features 2 of the fabrics from the front as well:


I absolutely love the way the back goes so well with the front.


One of my favorite elements is the leaf quilting pattern throughout the back of the blossoms and along the borders:


Sitting pretty :)

So that is my newest addition to my personal quilt closet...the one that is getting a little crowded. My husband is beginning to wonder what I'm going to do with all these quilts ;). This one I am hanging onto - a girl can never have enough quilts right :)?


I am sharing Framed Blossoms at these wonderful linking parties.

Quilt Information:
Framed Blossoms (Red Daisies)
Front: 100% Cotton Prints and Solids.
Batting: Warm & Natural 100% cotton
Backing: 100% Cotton Solid & Prints
Completed Dimension: ~76" x 52"
Quilting Method: Straight line & Free-style leaf design
Binding: 100% cotton solid - Machine sewn

Pattern to come... Yes I am WAY behind with the pattern.



Delle said...

That is completely gorgeous!!! I love it and I want it!!! I am going to Pin you so I can remember how beautiful this is!

Bloggymom said...

Beautiful quilt!! Love the pattern and the colors.

Threeundertwo said...

I love that! I would keep it too. I really like that little mushroom fabric. Thanks so much for linking up to Finished for Friday!

CountryBelle said...

Love the colors! What a nice quilt. Really like the raw edged flowers.

Mindie Hilton said...

I am just reminding everyone about tonights link party that runs Friday evening through Mondays!
I also have an ongoing give away link party now too.
Hope to see you soon.
come strut your stuff

Sassy Sites! said...

gorgeous quilt! Thanks for linking up to Sassy Sites! XOXO!


Lana Hardy said...

That is a beautiful quilt. The colors are awesome!! I am a new follower of your blog.. love it!!

Sam Findlay said...

This is a gorgeous quilt, I love the flower detail!

shopannies said...

love the color combo in your quilt the playful flowers and colors makes it a great quilt for year round

Mary said...

Stunning, I love it! The colors are really great together. Did you sew that quilting on a machine? Or by hand? If on a machine, how? I used to make quilts and may have to get back to it if you keep inspiring me :)

Mary @ Redo 101 blogspot

Kimmy at said...

Super Cute! I do not have the patience for a quilt but I am pinning this for my Nana.

WhyCuzICan said...

Just adorable :) I'm a quilter too and as the saying "When Life Hands you Scraps...make a quilt".

(Well, even if we go to the store to buy new fabric because our "stash is hungry".

Smiles and to let you know I'm visiting from Cindy's Romantic Home Linky Party this week :)
Suzanne in IL

BluBabesCreate said...

A lot of hard work! Great job!

Misty @Creative Itch said...

Beautiful quilt! Thanks for linking @'Sew Cute Tuesday'!

Lori@KitchenFunk said...

I love everything you do, but boy this one is breathtaking. I love flowers and I love how you showcase them!!

Steph :) said...

I love this! The quilting looks great and it looks so inviting!

Heather at Dragonfly Designs said...

Gorgeous! Great work ~ featuring on FB!! Thanks for linking up!

susan said...

I love your quilt and think that the leave quilting pattern you used is wonderful.

Just Jaime said...

Looks awesome! Beautiful work!

Shannon said...

I love the curvy blossom petals against the graphic stripey borders. Really lovely!

angie @ the cellar door stories said...

this is gorgeous! i am beyond impressed!!

SandyPants said...

WOW!! One day I hope to be able to craft beautiful quilts like this. Thank you for the inspiration!! I found you on Night Owl Crafting :)

Come visit me and my not as awesome sewing skills at

Cheers! ~ SandyPants

Hanna said...

wow. this is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could quilt or sew for htat matter. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing this amazing quilt:)

xoxox Hanna

Love My Country Home said...

I love it! What a beautiful quilt.

Jen said...

I just love this, it is so pretty!! I think I need to make one like this! Thanks for linking this up to Fantastic Friday, I hope that you will join us again this week!

Ginger said...

Very cute! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

To Sew With Love said...

congratulations on making it to this week's featured projects at TSWL! We are sharing your project on our Facebook page. By the way, votation will start today! Grab our new featured button if you fancy so ^^)

Have a lovely weekend!

TSWL Ladies

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Hi, friend! Happy 4th of July :) Btw, I'm admiring all your creative posts here. Can you please share them at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)

Katie said...

This quilt is amazing!!!! Thank you for linking up last week at Sew Woodsy! We hope you will join us tomorrow for another fun-filled party!

Kara said...

This is just beautiful! I love the pattern and the colors you used. Thanks so much for linking up; I will be featuring this tomorrow at Creations by Kara. :)


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