Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sorry this blog is been a little sparse lately. I've been spending some time here:

Click for larger image - the photo is gorgeous!  My husband took it from a top a parking lot on the edge of town.  Beautiful :)
It's was a half work and half vacation with the hubby type of trip.  Do you recognize this skyline??


This was my 3rd trip and my husband's 1st.  I have grown to really love this little city.  It's alive with wonderful food, great music and a LOT of character.  Despite it's wacky weather (ie: super thunder storms, humidity, HEAT, super cold weathers, rolling storms, etc) this is actually an awesome place to visit....and live ;).

Promise I'll be back in the Studio with more project updates soon :)



Ivory Spring said...

Lucky you, Q! :)

p.s. It's great to hear from you... :)

Suze said...

I love you fabric...TSWL sent me :)


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