Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Wrapup: CATCHUP!

Yes I know - projects around here was taken a back burner lately.  We are FINALLY getting some California sunshine around here so a lot of outdoor time with the little ones are in order :).  I am also making it my priority these next couple of weeks to work on some much neglected sewing projects.

On the plate:
-finish up pattern for Pretty Blocks
-Work on Zig Zag Quilts
-Finish Framed Blossoms
-Add new fabrics to JAQS Fabrics
-work on some smaller projects

Got a kick start over the weekend :)

-Zig Zag Quilt #2 final piecing and almost ready for basting

-Framed Blossoms all quilted and machine binding here I come!
Here's to a great and productive week.


1 comment:

SuzanneQ said...

Here's to a productive week! I just started following you. TSWL sent me.


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