Thursday, July 14, 2011

How Do You Organize Your Binding/Tape?

I'm always seeking ways to my (tiny) sewing room more efficient and organized. One of the things I'm dealing with is organizing binding. I usually make enough binding tape for my quilts in advance and have about enough for a dozen quilts at any given time.

One of the ways I've been organizing the binding is by rolling it up and pinning it so it doesn't unravel:


A major plus for this method is the prettiness ;). I love rolling a few up and stacking them on my shelf. They look absolutely beautiful in my opinion. In addition to being a great decor piece, it is quite mobile and easy to keep organized.


Unfortunately the major flaw is that is takes a while to roll them up. After rolling up a few I usually quit and the rest end up in little stacks like this around the sewing room:


NOT good! Besides from looking messy and losing binding, it makes the binding wrinkly and unworkable. This results in re-pressing or having to make new binding...again NOT good.

So I have recently found the perfection solution ... at least for now ... at least for me ;)


Wrap it around an empty bolt board. It's super easy - takes less than a minute to roll up and tape the ends up, keeps all your binding organized and completely visible. I found this method very helpful and started to wrap all my binding up this way - a world of difference. Give it a try :).


Christie, Describe Happy said...

Great idea! I usually only make binding when I need it, but do wind it around an empty thread spool. I find that it's easier to put on the quilt that way.. it unrolls smoothly. Thanks for the idea!

Julie said...

I need some help … I am making a hexagon quilt and I can not piece it together…..

can you please help me?


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