Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pillow Making and Girly Mood

I don't know why but I totally got in the mood to make more pillows today. So I got got a few fabrics and started to cut away:


I was just about to start assembling the quilt sandwich for the pillow tops - and yes I really like my pillow tops quilted because it adds a nice texture and feel :) - but then I got a little distracted. I didn't leave my studio but I did end up cutting other fabrics that caught my attention.


Pretty huh? Yeah that's what I thought and I had the sudden desire to put together some girly quilts. Ha!

I think I have the attention span of a small child sometimes ;). Hopefully I have time to finish up these projects before something else distracts me...arg!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Connie said...

I always quilt my pillows, love the look. I always have about 10 projects in my head and some days I just play. I finished 2 runners yesterday, not much time to sew today so I cut out a applique I have been wanting to do for a to get it to the next step. Have fun and thanks for inviting me to your blog!

LynCC said...

Hehe!! It's Quilt ADD, and I have it, too!!! ;D

And yes, those are fantastically pretty fabrics.


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