Friday, July 15, 2011

Fabric Love #18: Love My Boys

Due to the summer schedule I have had a chance to spend more times with my little boys - Asher (4.5) and Silas (2.5).  And it is wonderful :)  So this weeks' Fabric Love is dedicated to my little boys.

Sometimes they are silly and sometimes they are accident prone.  But always my Little Men.
Little Men

In the summer my little guys love the outdoors.  Helping with the garden (and eating straight from the garden :)), playing with their toy tractors and trucks.  Good times!
Little Farm from Alexander Henry

Little boys best friend - need I say more?
Boys Will Be Boys

As I look at my little ones I am constantly reminded of how fast they are growing up.  Soon Asher will be starting kindergarten.  Silas is loosing the last of his baby chubs.  They are starting to look like little boys instead of toddlers. :(
I'm Your Hero

But to me they will always be my little babies :)...always.
2-D Zoo from Alexander Henry

Treasure every moment - the good and the bad.  In the whole scheme of things, they are only this little for a short moment in time.  Love them, cherish them and hold them tight for as long as you can :). 

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