Thursday, August 2, 2012

Garden Harvest

I always chuckle a little when I think of the vegetables in the garden as "harvest".  Mainly because harvest, to me, sound like such a plentiful word.  And trust me, my harvest is not ;).

This is the second year in this garden - well first if you take into account these are NEW vegetable beds because of some ground intruders from my last bed that needed to be completely redone.  I am loving it.  Three planter boxes and a whole lot of work later, I have my first tomato harvest - 3 Early Girls and 1 Roma.  I also have a few zucchinis and even a handful of green beans. 

As you could see from the picture above, 2 of the zucchinis are tiny.  I didn't get a chance to pollinate those by hand.  If you don't get honey bees in your garden, you would understand :).  Articles such as this will go over the importance of having to hand pollinate such plants as zucchinis if you too find yourself with stunted zucchinis.

Also in the garden are a small pepper plant bearing a few little peppers.

I also have a couple of rows of basil growing. I already harvested it once and had enough to make pesto for the whole family :).  Nothing like home grown plants!

I'm hoping to get a second round of vegetables in the garden this year.  Maybe another round of green beans and is it too late for broccoli???


Sabs said...

Nice little harvest! I'm always amazed by growing my own fruit and veg - even this year when we've had a bit of a rubbish summer in England, we've managed to get a reasonable crop in our small garden. Keep going Q and the rewards will keep growing!

Btw I think it's not too late for broccoli!

Anonymous said...

I love my garden! Keep at it, it will get easier with time.


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