Saturday, July 13, 2013

Burp Cloth and Tutorial

Baby Aya is 8 months now and drooling off and on for a few months now.  After looking around for burp clothes and failing to find the ones I love using for my boys when they were little, I decided to sew some up myself :).

Here's the results - a nice stack of burp clothes ready to use:


Since this picture I had made about 4 times as many, because babies drool a lot! On an average day I use 2-3 of these. Make extra - it'll save you time in the laundry room! 


Here's a quick little picture tutorial of how to make these yourself:

  (1) Gather materials and cut fabrics: 
  • 14" x 22.5" AND 5" x 22.5"  absorbent fabric - I used a birds-eye organic white fabric and I pre-wash it to avoid shrinkage
  • 5" x 22.5" cotton print of choice - I pre-wash some of the prints knowing that they shrink more

(2)  Use the smaller piece of the birds-eye fabric and line it up with the back side of the cotton print.  This will give the cotton print part a nice backing and make middle of the burp cloth more sturdy

(3) With the small piece of the birds-eye fabric facing up (cotton print facing down) pin to the larger piece of the birdseye fabric along the 22.5" edge.  The cotton print fabric should be in the middle.  Do the same with the other long edge.


(4) Sew against both the pinned edges - 1/4" seam allowance is fine
(5) Turn right side out and iron down the seam and edges

(6) On both of the raw edges - turn inward about 1/2" and iron flat.  

(7)  Sew along the open edge about 1/8" inch from the edge to close up the burp cloth

 That's it!  Just repeat about 2 dozen time depending on the drool factor of your baby.  These make great baby gifts too :)


Heidi Amber said...

So cute!! Pinning this :)
Heidi @

Ivory Spring said...

How cute! One thing is for sure - you baby Aya is drooling IN STYLE! :o)


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