Thursday, July 11, 2013

Green Beans and Tomatoes

Great times in the vegetable garden.  Our family is enjoying the greens this year - lots of basil (I have some pesto pasta photos to share later), green beans cucumbers, etc.

The green beans (pole) are a favorite among our kids.  The boys like to just pick it and eat it off the plant.  Aya (8 months) has many many baby food from it.  And there's even some left for the grownups to enjoy for a few dinners :).

I don't remember what variety of pole beans these are.  The bean seeds were dark brown with specks.  I got them from a local nursery - organic seeds.  Each plant is about 6.5 feet tall - and would grow taller if I had longer poles :).  

I did order some new ones from Johnny Seeds recently for a fall planting that looks the same so hopefully we get lucky again with the next planting.  The variety is called Fortex.

The tomatoes are coming along too.  We've had a few pickings of red ones already but most are still green.  Three plants in total - cherry, roma and a small round heirloom variety.  I should write down the names of these next time :P.

Here's a shot of the heirloom tomato - green still but looking good and healthy.  I see a lot of tomato recipes coming up!

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