Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting Ready for Fall Planting

I don't know if it's too soon but I've been itching to get my fall vegetable planting in order.  So after having a couple of failed less than successful attempts to plant straight in the ground (think it's the off and on heat spikes we've been having), I've decided to invest in a few of these:

I got them online here but you could find them [or similar ones] at your local nursery.  I like how they are pretty much ready to use - just add water and pull back the netting a bit.

These were started a week or so ago - with the tray on the seeds start to sprout in a couple of days.  Also the percentage of success was almost 100%.

As you could see I put WAY too many seeds into this tray.  Hey, it was the first tray I used and I was actually expected only like half the seeds to sprout since I was getting less than that when I planted it straight in the ground.  Like I said, pretty much 100% of the seeds sprouted :).

So far, I really like these little Jiffy pots.  I'll try to transplant a few into the ground soon - stay tuned!  Crossing my fingers for a good autumn garden.

1 comment:

Corn Dena said...

the little planting looks cute!! are they called succulent??

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