Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wear It Again Baby Clothes

Aya is almost 10 months now and growing like a weed. Like most of you know, baby clothes at this age is pricey and babies outgrow them usually after a few washes (if you're lucky!).  Looking for Aya's pile of 'no longer fit' clothes I was really bummed that she barely wore some of the really cute clothes she had.  So I decided to transform them like I see a lot of moms do.

So out with the scissors and ended up with 2 cute new tops.  

I made a couple of more after this but forgot to photo them :(.

Here's a glimpse of how I transform the onesie - pretty simple and tons of great tutorials out there.
Pretty much snip, measure and sew.  Takes less than 10 minutes once you get the hang out it.  

Love simple and money savings projects like these.

Happy sewing!

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