Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Bit of This and ... That

Are there days when you don't feel like you get much done? You do a little bit of this and a little bit of that and by the end of the day it doesn't seem like you've done much at all? Well that's how I've been feeling. No complete projects...just a whole like of planning, un-planning, and moving things along ever so slowly.

The Squared Quilt is finally pieced together. It seems like this quilt has been sitting on my sewing tables for ages!

My goal is to get this baby done in time for the beginning of fall. Thanks Wendy for pointing out that the quilt has Autumn colors :). I didn't even notice it before since I started this quilt in the beginning of summer :P. I will make this my autumn quilt.

I'm in the process of moving furniture. My living room is skinny and long and basically small. It serves as out playroom, living room, reading room, tv room, semi-craft room, work-from-home-room, and a race track for the boys.  With 2 young active boys around, the furniture has been moved around like jigsaw puzzles. Hopefully we could find an arrangement that would make good use our of small space. Hmmm...maybe a house remodel is in order...arg! If only!


Somewhere in the mist of it all I'm planning out my 12 WEEKS of Christmas designs. Coming along, coming along. Here's my inspiration for this holiday season - 12 Days of Christmas from Moda.


More progress to come soon I hope :).

BTW - THANK YOU for all the kind comments on the Sweet Blocks quilt. It's so great getting so much encouragement. Thank you!


Jandi said...

If you don't finish it by fall, just call the red/green squares "Christmas-y" and you will have until December. I am the queen of procrastination.

Ivory Spring said...

That square quilt will be a cozy one, for sure! :)

Happy re-arranging - I know how that feels!

karen said...

I certainly know the feeling of working and working and feeling you are not getting anywhere. Where does the time go???


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