Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sweet Blocks For Quilt Festival

One of my favorite quilts this year is the Sweet Blocks quilt I made a couple of months ago posted here.

Here's the completed Sweet Blocks sitting sweet after a tumble in the washer and dyer.

A few things about this quilt stood about this quilt -
  • It was my first time using triangles in a quilt
  • The color scheme - bright colors that are a bit more 'girly' than I'm used to 
  • Finding the quilting pattern for this quilt was the most difficult part for me.  I finally settled for straight lines with some definition
  • It's my husband's favorite quilt this year :)
Those reasons and the fact that I too love this quilt is why I'm sharing it on Amy's Creative Side's Bloggers Quilt Festival:
Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival

Here's some snippets from the original post:

Here's a closeup and the reason why the decision on 'how-to-quilt' took so long:
I've never made a quilt with triangular shapes before. It took a lot of work getting all the triangular corners just right so I didn't want the quilting to distract from it or take away from it. 

I finally decided to do simple straight line quilting from one end of the quilt to the end with both the width and the length: along each seam going along the exterior of each block and 2 side-by-side lines x 2 down for each block area.  The results was a very modern, clean quilt with just enough details but not too much to distract from from the fabric and blocks.
Here is the quilt top that you could see quilting in action.  If you look closely you could see that on each block there are 2 double stitches that goes down and across.

Another view of the front by the window.  Love this shot because it really shows the true colors of the quilt:

For the binding I used a striped fabric - sorry I don't recall the name unfortunately.  I was a little hesitant to use it since it was so bright but when it was put next to the quilt it worked out just fine :).   The colors matched up wonderfully with the playful colors of the blocks.

A peak of the front, back and binding together:

I love this quilt.  It's not in the scope of colors that I usually use, but sometimes it's nice to step out of the comfort zone right? :)

Nope, this quilt does not have a home yet but it is not for sale either.  I may work on another one to put up on Etsy but for now this will have to be the only one.


Quilt Information:
Sweet Blocks
Front: 100% Cotton Prints (Keiki) and Solids (Moda)
Batting: Warm & Natural 100% cotton
Backing: Same materials as the front
Completed Dimension: 44.5″x 62″
Quilting Method: Machine Quilt Straight Stitches
Binding: Machine Sew to Front and Hand Sew to Back


Anonymous said...

Great quilt! I love the little triangles, they are so perfect! Great way to quilt it as well, so you didnt take away from them! Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

This is a beautiful quilt! I really like the little triangles and the striped binding. Love the straight line quilting too!

Leslie said...

i love it...the little triangles really set off those blocks and you did awesome quilting.

Aunt Spicy said...

totally love how you quilted it, what a great quilt!

BaileyGirl5 said...

I love the quilting! I'm ready to baste a quilt now and I think I'll try this design. Beautiful quilt!

Kristie said...

Very pretty!

Elizabeth D. said...

So pretty, and so aptly named! I really love the binding, too :)

Ivory Spring said...

Sweet quilt indeed - perfect for the season.

Christine said...

Cute quilt and perfect binding fabric!

Jennie said...

Cute, I like your fabric choice and quilting!

Carolyn said...

What fun fabrics! I love the way it came out!


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