Sunday, December 19, 2010

Binding and Some Rearranging ...

Rainy days means a lot of indoor activity.  This weekend is spent doing a little bit of quilting and a whole lot of rearranging and reorganizing.

On the quilting front - Red Poppy is finally getting some binding ... and you know that means? :)  It's almost  complete.


My sewing room is turned into a storage area as we get ready for Christmas. My extra work table is now a toy shelf ... thankfully all the gifts should be wrapped and -more importantly - OUT of the sewing room by Sunday night - maybe then I could finish up some projects :P.


Our boys are now sharing a room! We in the process of redoing the closet so it'll be friendly for sharing. As you can see from the picture below, the closet is pretty big, but with just one poll and a giant dresser in the middle, it wasn't really good for sharing. I'll have the AFTER photos later on once we have a chance to put everything back in place :).

The big empty closet after taking out all of Asher's closes.  Here's Asher looking at this empty closet and wondering what we have planned for his 'new' room.

So what is next?  Well now we have an empty room - what used to be Silas' nursery.  We have plans on turning it into an shared office (between my husband and me) and an area for the kids to read.

It feels like our house in always changing :)

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