Monday, December 27, 2010

Labels for My Quilts

I am very excited about my latest completed quilt - Red Poppies.  Unfortunately with the weather and busy Christmas season I haven't had a chance to take shots of the completed quilt yet.  But I was able to take some shots of my next exciting feature on my quilts - LABELS :).

Something small but I think adds a lot to the finished project:

I kept the stitch around the edging of the label big so that it is obviously hand sewn in.  I wanted to maintain that more personal and handmade element in the quilt. 

I got these @ Mommie Made it on Etsy. Lisa there was very nice and helpful in making sure my order turned out just write. I got the Organic Cotton Twill Ribbon.

To get the labels ready for use, I cut each one out and sealed the edges with Fray Check.


Let each one try and then I put in another layer of Fray Check just in case :)


Thank you Lisa for a very pleasant shopping experience :)!

The finished Red Poppies quilt coming up real soon.

1 comment:

Crystelle said...

These labels are super cute. But your logo itself is so adorable, so no wonder!



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