Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 6 of the 12 Weeks of Christmas - Snowflakes

Snowflake - a beautiful symbol of the holiday season.

Each year I like to make snowflakes - out of paper, felt, fabric, cardboard or whatever medium I could find. This year I found some pre-cut snowflakes that I just couldn't resist.


They were a couple of dollars @ Michaels - and super affordable after using their 40% coupon :). And with some work and fun they turn into quite beautiful snowflakes to hang...anywhere.


Here's a quick tutorial:

  1. Gather materials: pre-cut snowflakes, glue, water, cup, paintbrush, string, glitter, bells, ribbon
  2. In a cup, pour about 2 tablespoon of water into cup and add about equals parts of water
  3. Put a few snowflakes on a string- spaced out a little
  4. Paint thin layer of glue mixture onto both sides of each snowflake
  5. Sprinkle on glitter on snowflakes
  6. Hang up snowflakes to dry completely
  7. Decorate with bells and ribbon 

Hang these from the ceiling, on doorways, windows, Christmas trees or anywhere you like. Happy Decorating :)



A Girl said...

Thanks for sharing. I have a daughter who loves glitter. These will make a fun afternoon craft.

momnivore said...

Hi. I'm Nicolette and I am addicted to decorating with snowflakes...(hence, why your post popped out at me from KIS's Monday party...)

Love these!

Snowflake decorating so much much better because you get more mileage out of it than traditional Christmas decor...

If you have a sec, please link this post up with my newbie party Creative Juice Thursdays...

Hope to see you!

Alison said...

I bought these same felt snowflakes--now I have great ideas!! Thanks!!

Condo Blues said...

So Sparkly! After visiting Michael's last weekend I got the urge to cover everything in red glitter.

Cierra Larsen said...

What an awesome idea! I am your newest follower! Please follow me at and dont forget to enter my giveaway for a fun Christmas Activity Book! If you are interested in doing a blogswap, please email me! Thanks!


LP said...

Very pretty!

Jennifer said...

These are so pretty! I'm smitten with anything and everything glittered. I featured you today on my ornament round up :)

Robin said...

Cute and easy to do!
Thank you for linking up to

Katie P said...

So pretty and sparkly! I love them!!

Katie P
Food, Wine, & Mod Podge -- Vinyl Giveaway!!


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