Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Work in Progress - Day 1

I don't know about your sewing room, but it seems like my sewing room is always a work in progress.  It's been through many, many transitions, but somehow or another it always becomes to room where random stuff always get stored.

Well - enough is enough.  It's time for a complete overhaul of the room and for it to become to 100% sewing room.  That means no more Gift wrap storage area, no more old-electronics-that-is-longer-used area and NO MORE CLUTTER area.

To jump start this 'new' room I have - again - requested to help of my handy man husband, Jeff.  Goals for this 3 day weekend:  take out the old carpet and put in new hardwood floor laminate, redo baseboards, paint ONE wall (the 'accent' wall) and reorganize the fabric stash.  Could this be done?  Who knows :P, but here's the progress 1/2 way into day #1.

 Say bye bye to old carpet:
Can't really tell from this picture, but the carpet is looking pretty bad. It was inherited from the previous owner and I have been itching to get rid if it since we moved in. This is the last of the 'old' carpet in the house :) YEH!!!

Most tedious part was taking out the tack strip and random nails that were holding down the previous carpet and carpet pad. After those were removed or hammered down the sub-floor was looking good.
IMG_2449 IMG_2524

Next on the agenda for today: remove old base boards, paint the wall and call it a day :P. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to lay down the new flooring...

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